Best 7 Photography Blogs that you should not miss!


PhotoFocus is a resource for education in aspiring and professional photography. This blog supports its readers and helps them become artists, through providing helpful information such as: training videos, podcasts, etc.

Feature Shoot

This blog presents the work of established photographers, and the images depict stories in different topics; portraits, life, landscapes, documentary photography.

Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernabe combines his love for traveling and writing to bring a unique art of photography to life.

Two Loves Studio

Rachel the owner of this blog, combines her love for food photography and her education degree to share the best tips and information on how to take great photos of food as a business.

Skip Cohen University

Skip Cohen University provides access to its online educational tools for photography. It offers Webinars, podcasts and blog posts to photographers in all levels to develop and build skills and follow the most recent photography trends.

The Modern Tog

This blog is all about wedding photography business. Written by Jamie Swanson, she explains all about making money from wedding photography business, and she offers all the instructions needed for diving into that business.


This blog is usually known as Stock Photo Company. Shutterstuck’s blog presents explanations on how to take great photos and photography tips to build a solid business.


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